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We ship worldwide!

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Shipping Origin:

  • We use live shipping rates which are calculated at checkout, based on your shipping address. 
  • If you are ordering to an address in the USA all items on this site will ship to you from the USA.  
  • Items shipped to addresses in Canada will be shipped using one of the following methods depending on what the customer selects at checkout:
  •  DHL Duties Pre-Paid Shipping, which will arrive via Canada Post Delivery with Tracking. We use this service so that items will arrive directly to your mailbox for your convenience, and we pre-pay any duties for you, for any items that ship from the USA. (All items shipped to addresses in Canada will ship from the USA other than the men's underwear which ships from Montreal). DDP is always the recommended shipping method for orders in Canada. 
  • Flat rate shipping will be less expensive, and will still arrive to addresses in Canada with tracking, but may take a little bit longer, and may be subject to duties, especially if the total order is over $100 in value.  
  • Worldwide shipping address' outside of Canada and the USA will receive shipments either from Canada, USA or Europe (yes some items ship directly form Europe if that's where you are!) depending on where you are located 
  • ** Any duties are the responsibility of the customer. 


Expected Wait Times:

Expect to receive your items 2 - 3 weeks from the date of purchase if you are based in North America, and 3 - 4 weeks if you are outside of North America. Items that you ordered may arrive in separate packages depending on the type of items ordered.  Not to worry! For example, embroidered hats may arrive in a separate package than the T-Shirts in the same order. Although items may be shipped separately, they will likely arrive within a close time frame of each other. Although items may be shipped separately, this will NOT have an effect on shipping rates.    

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