Our Store Is Currently Paused. Please Feel Free to Browse, and we will be selling again soon! :)


What is this website?   

We're glad that you asked that!  CommonThred.Shop is a worldwide apparel site, bringing you quality clothes that will help you start conversations across the globe and at home! 

Let's get down to nuts and bolts here.  Since you're so"worldwide" how does shipping work? Where are you located? Where are the products shipped from?

Once again, great question!  We are located on the North Atlantic Coast of Canada, in Halifax, Nova Scotia.  Although all of the magic happens in Halifax, from designs, to operations, when you make an order, items will be shipped from various locations in order to make things convenient for you, the visitor of our site!  Based on your final shipping destination, select items are available in stock in Canada, the USA, and Europe to ensure that items will be delivered domestically, quickly and efficiently.  Some items however are only kept in stock in the USA and will ship from the USA.  If you are based in the USA, you are in luck because EVERY item on this website will ship from the USA if the final shipping address is in the USA!  If you are based in Canada, a number of items will ship from Canada, and the items that do ship from the USA are shipped using "Duties Pre-Paid Shipping to Canada." We do this to provide the best shopping experience possible for our friends in Canada.  Items will arrive directly to your mailbox via Canada Post

For more information about our shipping policy visit: Shipping Policy

For more information visit: Terms & Policies

How long has this store been in operation?

We've been on the grind since one - nine, with the official launch in two - oh!  This has been a passion project for a number of years leading up to launch, especially our cause based line "Pawprints Collection."  We are looking forward to growing this brand with you, and make sure to connect with us on Instagram @CommonThred & @PawprintsCollection!

What's the deal with currency?  Can I actually shop and checkout in my local currency?

Yes you can!  You can choose at the top of the page from our supported currencies.  When you get to the checkout, you will actually be able to checkout in your currency as well, which is very rare in independent e-commerce.  Enjoy! :)